BUSINESS STANDARD: Ex-U.S. Senate Matthew Virkstis appointed as General Counsel, LCR Capital

Leading US private investment firm and EB-5 regional announced the appointment of as to the firm.

He will be assisting LCR on affairs, legal, and compliance matters.

Virkstis’ nearly nine years of experience in US government service provides him a keen perspective on the political and policy issues that are crucial for the EB-5 investment visa program.

Prior to coming on board at LCR, he was the at the  Previously, he served as the to the 

for former Committee Patrick Leahy, handling a broad portfolio of policy and oversight issues.

While with the Senate Judiciary Committee, Virkstis was instrumental in the enactment of several significant pieces of legislation championed by Senator Leahy, including the reauthorizations of the EB-5 program between 2006 and 2012. He has also advised clients on EB-5 and immigration policy issues at the firm 

“I am delighted to join LCR and I look forward to supporting the firm and working to achieve our goals for the coming year. I will be actively committed to assisting LCR safely and consistently navigate all legal and compliance issues with regard to the EB-5 program proceedings,” said Virkstis.

“Matthew’s knowledge and legal expertise is unparalleled. His experience and achievements working with the US Senate Judiciary Committee, especially with regard to the policy issues of the EB-5 program are exemplary,” added LCR Capital 

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