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The EB-5 investor visa has many advantages as compared to other US immigrant visas. Among these advantages is the level of freedom afforded to the EB-5 investor. It is important to understand that there are two ways to apply for the EB-5 investor visa: it is possible to make a direct investment where the minimum amount is, usually, $1 million and the investor must run the business he or she invested in in a way which meets all EB-5 visa requirements, including living in the same city as the business. However, it is also possible to make an investment through a certified Regional Center, which provides a cheaper and more convenient alternative. Through this second option, the minimum investment amount falls to $500,000 and an investor does not have to stay tied to the business’ location. The Regional Center itself manages the investment on behalf of the investor. Read this article for more information on the differences between direct and indirect EB-5 investments.

In both cases, the investor can choose where they would like to live. However, with the EB-5 direct investment, the investor chooses where they live based on where they create their business. A caveat to the direct investment program is an investor must be involved in the direct day-to-day operations of the investment, requiring them to live where the business is located. In contrast, an EB-5 investment through a Regional Center can be based anywhere and affords the investor the optionality to live wherever he or she wants within the United States.

LCR has its own Regional Center and partners with other regional centers as well to ensure that all EB-5 program requirements are met and there is a fast and secure path to obtaining a Green Card.

To learn more about the business models and details about the EB-5 Program, contact LCR.

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