LCR Capital Partners Ventures into India

New Delhi, May, 2016:Founded in 2012 by first-generation U.S. immigrants who met at Harvard Business School in the mid 1990’s, LCR Capital Partners is a U.S. private investment firm that provides growth capital tothe best performing brands in the U.S. franchise industry, primarily in the quick service restaurant (QSR) sector. LCR sources its capital from global high-net-worth investors seeking U.S. green cards and permanent U.S. residency through the EB-5 Immigrant Investment Visa Program. Headquartered in Westport, Connecticut and with regional offices in Brazil and China, LCR recently inaugurated their new regional office in India in Mumbai’s Worli district.

Strong QSR franchise brands like Dunkin’ Donuts are ideally suited for EB-5 investors as they have long, proven histories of operating success and are one of the most efficient converters of capital into jobs.  Headed by CEO, Suresh Rajan, LCR combines expertise in lending, franchise strategy, and franchise operations – and applies its expertise to benefit its EB-5 clients.  The firm has transformed the EB-5 government immigration program into a standardized, transparent financial product that maximizes job creation, mitigates risk and protects investors’ principal.

Speaking about LCR’s recent entrance into the Indian EB-5 investor market Rogelio Caceres, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer said, “We are optimistic about the growth potential of the EB-5 investor market here in India.   Once the Indian community learns more about the full range of benefits of securing a U.S. green card via the EB-5 investment visa program, we believe that many enterprising Indian investors and their children will take advantage of the opportunity. As a firm with many first generation U.S. immigrants, we are committed to assisting our Indian clients and their familiesas they successfully transition into the U.S. “

LCR Capital Partners will be hosting a series of exclusive informational seminars on the U.S. EB-5 Investment Visa program forprospective investors on 21st May 2016 at Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi and on 27th May 2016 at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai. In addition, the firm will also be organizing private one on oneconsultation with the interested parties. Registration is free and now open and one can R.S.V.P on you meet the program’s standard requirements. After analyzing your profile a confirmation email for your attendance will be sent to you.

About the EB- 5 Program:

The EB-5 Investor Visa Program is the fastestand most reliable way for Indian high net worth investors to earn a U.S. green card. The program provides U.S. green cards and permanent residency to an investor and his/her immediate family (children up to age of 21) through a one-time investment of $500,000 USD into a new U.S. business that creates 10 or more American jobs.

The EB-5 program has experienced explosive growth starting from a base of around $300 million of EB-5 investor capital in 2009 to over $6.5 billion in 2015.  Since most other alternatives to obtain a U.S. green card involve frustratingly long waiting times and cumbersome processes associated with

other U.S. visas (e.g. H1-B, EB-2, EB-3), LCR’s EB-5 clients are deciding to take advantage of the EB-5 visa’s multiple benefits including high approval rates (95%+), and relatively quick processing times (~12 to 15 months).

In fact, one of the most popular EB-5 investment options amongst our Indian clients is for the parents to donate the investment amount to their son or daughter and have them become the EB-5 investor.  As a U.S. green card holder, their child will then enjoy significant benefits including (i) higher U.S. university acceptance rates [not subject to international student quotas]; (ii) lower tuition costs, (iii) access to scholarships and (iv) expanded employment opportunities after graduation [not subject to annual H1-B annual visa lottery].

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