Process & Timeline


30 days

a) Sign LCR Investor Questionairre to begin mutual evaluation process as well as reserve a slot in one of LCR’s EB-5 projects.

b) LCR’s independent broker-dealer, Primary Capital, provides investor with confidential offering documents describing the EB-5 investment.

c) Investor engages experienced EB-5 immigration firm.

d) Investor signs subscription agreement.

e) Investor deposits $500,000 and Administration Fee into LCR’s U.S. escrow account.

Estimated 15-16 months*

Investor’s U.S. immigration attorney submits I-526 petition to USCIS.

Estimated 4-6 months

Upon I-526 approval, investor is immigration attorney files for adjustment of status [if investor’s already in the U.S.] or files for immigrant visa [if investor’s living outside the U.S.].

Common Reasons for I-526 Denials:

• Source of Funds
• Background Check

I-526 Approval of Conditional Green Card for EB-5 industry — 93.4% approval rates (Q1 2017)

Estimated 24 months

An investor must visit the United States within 180 days of approval and must visit the U.S. at least once every 6 months**

Many investors apply for, and are granted, a 2-year Re-entry Permit, thus reducing the need to travel to U.S. as frequently.

15 months

Investor’s immigration attorney submits I-829 Petition to remove conditions by submitting proof that 10+ jobs were created.

Common Reasons for I-829 Denials:
• Insufficient Job Creation;
• Violation of immigration laws while on temporary visa.

I-829 Approval of Permanent Green Card for EB-5 industry — 96% approval rates (FY2016)

*Timeline is subjected to change based on USCIS updates.

(**) Individuals who intend to live outside of the United States for an extended period of time should apply for a Reentry Permit which is then issued for a period of up to 2 years. The Reentry Permit allows a permanent resident to make an entry into the United States every 24 months rather every 12 months.