Experienced and Successful Leadership Team

LCR uses a unique, risk-averse portfolio to manage our investors’ capital. Our team’s immense experience and success, along with our vision to provide investors the best emigration experience, makes us stand above everyone else in the EB-5 industry.

LCR’s vast experience in capital management, franchise operations, business operations and legal policy has enabled us to create streamlined EB-5 investment projects that efficiently maximize job creation and investment protection.

LCR’s unique investment structure is designed towards giving an investor the highest security their “at-risk” investment will be returned upon I-829 approval.

Working Along with the Client

We at LCR Capital believe we have the best team in the industry with the ultimate goal to provide an investor and their family a memorable experience throughout the course of their investment. LCR does this by supporting investors not only in their EB-5 investment process, but across the various services that are required to make this journey as stress free as possible. Our in-country team supports investors locally in their home country while our U.S. team works on providing additional support once they are in America.

Ensuring Maximum Protection for Clients

To ensure maximum investment protection and maintain transparency, LCR works with third party administrators:

  1. NES Financial:

NES Financial acts as the third-party administrator and escrow agent for each of LCR’s projects. NES works to reduce executional risk, improve compliance capabilities, and provide superior transparency and value to investors.


  1. Primary Capital (PC):

Primary Capital is our registered broker-dealer and investment advisor firm. As an Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered broker-dealer and a member of FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) Primary Capital is subject to extensive regulatory requirements and audits providing additional security for each investor.