Mr. Cheslock is the Senior Advisor of LCR Capital Partners and advises on the specialty finance activities of the firm.

Stan was a founding partner of Cheslock, Bakker & Associates, Inc. (“CBA”), which created the first newly originated CMBS securitization, which became the model for CMBS conduits during the 90’s. CBA also developed the first securitization of Section 42 Housing Loans.

Prior to founding CBA, Stan’s experiences include a variety of principal mortgage finance and trading roles. With more than forty years of investment experience, Stan is widely known for his expertise in combining fundamental knowledge of real estate valuation with sophisticated use of the complex financial techniques required in the modern real estate marketplace. During his career, Stan has created and managed mortgage-backed securities trading, sales and banking departments at major Wall Street firms, including Greenwich Capital Markets, a primary U.S. Government Treasury dealer and asset-backed securities investment banking firm; USGI Capital Markets, the largest servicer of FHA project loans in the United States; First PennCo Securities, a subsidiary of First Pennsylvania Bank; and Loeb Rhoads, a private merchant bank.

Stan is a past member of the Board of Trustees of Franklin & Marshall College, from which he graduated in 1967. He is also served as Chairman of the Public Securities Association (mortgage-backed securities division), past President of the GNMA Dealers Association, a former Board Member of the National Housing and Rehabilitation Association, former Board Member of the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation, and a Former Board Member of the Navy Seal Warrior Fund.