LCR Investor from Mumbai, India

“ We found LCR to be more genuine than others and the team is well qualified. They are more transparent and cautious in their approach”

LCR Investor from Florida, USA

“..Promptness and friendly staff, especially David. Availability to answer questions and helpfulness to file the application as soon as possible…”

LCR Investor from Mumbai, India

LCR came across as professional, had an office and contact in Mumbai, and jobs were already created”

LCR Investor from Mumbai, India

The fact that I could reach out to you guys and the in-country representative was very helpful and communicated well throughout the process”

LCR Investor from Delhi, India

“What I most like about LCR/the EB-5 project: (i) The qualifications of the LCR team lent credibility to their pitch; (ii) The Dunkin Donuts franchisee projects seemed to offer a reasonable business case, and (iii) The fact that you guys were not over-committing and were open to getting answers to questions that you yourself did not have was very comforting.

LCR Investor from New York, USA

“LCR is great to work with. Everyone is super knowledgeable about the process and they patiently guide you through it. Very prompt communication and quick response time!”


LCR Investor from George, South Africa

Why did you choose LCR Capital Partners as your EB-5 investment firm?

“The choice of intermediary is perhaps the most daunting prospect: Who are they?Can the firm be trusted?What is the track record?Will I get my capital back?Will my application be successful?

LCR came across as ticking all the boxes, also partnered with top rate firms to offer other services (e.g.: Fragomen and MS).Why? – professional approach, style, open good quality communication, transparency, and the having met some of the key personalities (Rogelio/Carel/Douglas), this confirmed my instinct to go ahead..”

LCR Investor from Cape Town, South Africa

There is always an element of risk when making decisions of this nature. I attended the seminar and was highly impressed with the presentation. I liked what I saw and heard. I met and spoke to the directors who were present and it reinforced the positive experience I had… LCR is a great partner to have by your side to take you through this challenging process.

What did you like most EB-5 project with LCR (The Surf Club)?

The EB-5 project: (i) The choice of location/positioning is outstanding; (ii) The “Four Seasons” name is a verywell known and respected brand; (iii) The 459% cushion when it came to job creation; (iv)The investor transparency and due diligence.”

LCR Investor from Vitória, Brazil

“Other visas don’t have the same flexibility. If my children keep their student visas, after they graduate, they will need to get a work visa or find a company to sponsor them.”

LCR Investor from São Paulo, Brazil

“LCR has been helping us in two fronts. The first one is presenting to us a good EB-5 project opportunity, and the second one is providing us all the help to solve our doubts and to overcome every little step in the process.”